Благодарности | Commando Assault
  • Юрий «GraYaSDF» Ворошилов (автор идеи)
  • Уенни «Omicron_Nega» Димарт
  • Ву «Wzk» Заокун
  • Илья «Diamond00744» Паликов
  • Олег «Sk0rpi0n» Джураев
  • Кирилл «6key» Ворошилов
  • Фрэнк Клепаки
  • «501.legion»
  • «Kerubim»
  • «Ren_Dimon»
  • «Interval96»
  • Westwood Studios
  • Tiberian Technologies
  • Коммьюнити C&C Renegade
  • Open the Door
  • Интернет-каталог “Кот”

И спасибо всем тем, кто помогает продвигать проект, не мешает ходу его разработки и играет в игру

Beanstalk5000, участник коммьюнити Renegade (на английском):
«I downloaded this mod and was playing with 4 friends yesterday. Dam we had a great time to options are endless in this game. I am also going to go further and actually take this to my college and set up an 8V8 LAN party and see how much craziness I can expand from that. As a strategy game with fps mechanics it has one amazing engine and is smooth as well. When I test it out with a bunch of people il get some feed back and record some videos and sent them to youtube. I am backing you on this like crazy because it is the future of fps/rts gaming.»

Фрэнк Клепаки, знаменитый музыкант (на английском):
«Thats cool you’ve kept that up – it never stops amazing me the devotion the C&C fans have and that people still like to create new mods. When I was at Gamescom we heard the same thing from so many fans over and over again – «you made our childhoods». Very endearing.»

ImperialKaskins, разработчик UltraAOW (на английском):
«I played with some of my friends back than on LAN in cybercafe with your mod is quite unique. Always wanted a fps/tps-rts hybrid.»

Community BattleCast Prime Time, продолжение популярного шоу Electronic Arts (на английском):
«This is very impressive mod, it is totally worth a look!»

2015 Mod Appreciation Week, событие на международном модмейкерском портале ModDB.com (на английском):
«Since 2002 we have explored, played and enjoyed mods of all shapes and sizes just like this. We love games like C&C Renegade that have opened themselves up to modding.»

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